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Colour analysis has been enjoying something of a trend resurgence of late, and it’s easy to understand why.  With many of us committing to a more sustainable way of buying and wearing clothes, any tool that makes it easier to put outfits together from fewer items in the wardrobe can only be a good thing.  

If you’re thinking of booking a consultation, here’s a few more benefits you might not have considered:

1.  Wearing colours that complement you creates an immediate change in how you look and feel.

Time and time again I see this with my clients as they discover the power of wearing a great colour.  In a colour that harmonises with your skin and hair tones, your eyes sparkle, you can look fresher and healthier, and feel more put together.  One client described it as though she’d finally come home.  In colour analysis, you see that change for yourself by comparing colours that help and colours that hinder.

2.  It becomes easier to co-ordinate outfits.

In seasonal colour analysis, you get a swatch of colours that best harmonise with your natural tones.   Because they share a similar tonal wavelength, they all work together, and how they work together is different for each season.  For example, someone who suits the summer palette might have colours that work well tonally, or in a blended way, whereas someone who suits the winter palette might need to use colour to create strong contrasts.  In a colour analysis session, how you use your colours should be explained to you, along with understanding your great neutrals.  From this knowledge, putting outfits together using your neutrals and colours that work together means creating outfits is so much easier.

3.  You need less clothes

Making more outfits from a co-ordinating palette of colours means you need less clothing in the wardrobe as more things go together.  Great for sustainability, great for space, and great for your pocket!

4.  It saves you money

There are so many times in our dress agency when someone will bring me something to sell for them and it has the original price tags still attached.  If I ask why they never wore it, there are often many reasons; it was in the sale, it wasn’t quite the right fit but never got returned, it was a gift, it was for an event which never happened, it seemed nice in the shop but never truly worked…etc.  If this has ever happened to you, you might have other reasons why something has never been worn.  But once you understand how powerful your new colour palette is, then buying things that prove to be a mistake or go unworn happen far less often.  Or worse, buying something you don’t love but you wear it anyway as it fills a gap but always knowing it’s not quite right.  Colour analysis can literally save you hundreds of pounds over your lifetime on clothes that just don’t get worn or don’t feel quite right (and that’s before we even consider make up colours and hair colour!)

5.  It saves you time

Over time, your colours eventually become second nature.  I can walk into a shop now and go straight to the colours that work for me.  I can immediately see what is ‘me’ and what isn’t, and that saving of time spent shopping, hunting, browsing, and choosing what to wear over my lifetime is precious.  When you limit your choices through colour, choosing what to wear in the morning is also far quicker and easier. 

6.  Easier shopping

One thing many clients tell me is how much they hate shopping.  Why would you enjoy it?  The lighting is awful, the shops are crowded, and the changing rooms are unflattering.   If you’ve also had years of fruitless trips or coming home not feeling great about your purchases, it’s not going to help.  Once you have a palette to work from, shopping is so much easier as you can start filtering and you're looking for your best colours, whether that's in the shops or adjusting your search by colour online.

7.  Increased confidence

Because harmonious colours can create an immediate visible difference to how you look and feel, it can really help boost confidence.  Colours that work for you can make you look healthier, more authentic, more radiant, and even younger, and this can all work wonders on how you feel.  Take a look at these photos of me before and after I'd had my colours done 14 years ago - can you see how much more relaxed I look in the second set of photos?

8.  Increased compliments

Just this week I had a client who suits the winter colour palette.  She fed back that she had worn a top in a great colour from her palette and adjusted her lipstick and two friends had complimented her on how she looked.  As she had not long recovered from treatment for a health condition, this really was a huge boost.  Another client tells me she gets complimented almost every day about what she is wearing and how she looks, and that this is something that never happened to her before she began wearing her complimentary colours.

9.  A more personal approach to fashion

Fashion companies go through colour trends and then we find that colour is everywhere on the high street.  But taking a personal approach to colour means you can be more individual and less influenced by what fashion is telling us we should wear.  This can also be hugely sustainable as taking a personal approach rather than following fashion can help you to extend the life of the clothes in your wardrobe, ditch fast fashion brands, and explore shopping second hand.

10.  A more authentic look

When we wear colours that harmonise with our natural tones, it makes us more easily readable by others on a visual level.  It helps us to come across as more honest, trustworthy, genuine and authentic, especially on first impressions and this can translate well at work, in relationships and socially.

So, those are some of the key benefits to colour analysis.  Have you had a positive experience from colour analysis that I haven’t mentioned?  If so, please do share it with us in the comments below. 

If you'd like to read more about our colour analysis services, you can CLICK HERE to go to our colour analysis page.  You can also find information on Online Colour Analysis and In Person Colour Analysis on the site under Personal Styling Packages.  Alternatively, do get in touch and we can arrange a chat over the phone.  

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