Colour Analysis Consultations

What do you see when you look in the wardrobe?  Is it a jumble of things you've had for ages, a rack of things you just don't wear, or a mess you can't seem to see past?

From time to time, we all get bored or overwhelmed with our wardrobes, but this can impact our feelings of confidence and our important connection to our authentic self. If you feel unsure about what to wear, or have fallen out of love with what's hanging in the wardrobe, then let's reclaim your mojo!

“I enjoyed all of it, I really saw the difference colours make” Sarah

After all, that feeling when we wear something we love is priceless, so let's work together to rediscover what that is for you.  I'm Victoria, and I've been a fully trained personal stylist for the last 13 years.  I love nothing more than helping women feel confident, authentic and happy with their clothes and style.

One of my favourite mantras is from Marie Forleo "Everything is Figureoutable!"

It's so true, everything is figureoutable, and learning about styles, colours and shapes that suit you is no different.  Nobody takes us aside in school and teaches this stuff, we most often rely on friends, or magazines, or gingerly figuring it out from our own mistakes and triumphs.

If you want to make immediate changes to the way you look and feel, we always recommend starting with colour analysis. Have you ever seen someone walk past you, & they are just glowing?  They are probably wearing a colour that is perfect for them, and I can do the same for you. 


In a one on one session with me, we'll be looking at your natural colouring and skin tone, and you'll discover which colours harmonise best for you, making you look healthier and younger. We can show you which colours make you glow, which colours work as great neutrals for you, and how to put your colours together to create a wardrobe that works hard for you!  

You’ll be given a swatch of your best colours which is a great tool for shopping & for building a coordinated wardrobe. I'll even show you which foundation & lipstick tones are perfect for you – and you’ll see how amazing you look when it all comes together.  As well as the swatch pack, you'll get a personalised colour report giving you all the important detail we cover about colour in the session.

“I would recommend the experience and the lovely way we were treated by Victoria.”  Anita

Colour analysis can be done individually at our garden studio in Newbury, or at your home or place of work (within a 10 mile radius).  It can also be a group experience to book with up to four friends or family members - great fun as everyone gets excited about each others colours!  And we have our dress agency, so sessions in our studio include putting your new found colour knowledge into practice by immediately exploring our preloved clothing shop!



Online colour analysis is a fantastic way to discover the colours that suit you best, especially if you're short on time!  A 121 colour session with me usually takes half a day as we conduct a live analysis, but using our online method and some specific headshot photographs, I do all the analysis work up front, and then spend an hour with you on Zoom explaining your results and how to use the colours that suit you best.

We cover details such as make up colours, the best colours that will work for you and your lifestyle, and the colours that will bring your wardrobe together.  

You'll get a personal colour report afterwards, including a few clothing suggestions as well as a fabric colour swatch sent in the post.  

To book your session, click >>HERE>> and you'll be sent a client questionnaire and instructions on how to take your headshot photographs. 


If you're thinking of booking a colour analysis session with me or anyone else, here's a few considerations.

Would you like a seasonal or tonal analysis?

Some stylists (like me) work seasonally, and that means you'll get a palette of colours named after one of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).  Personally I find this approach is the simplest method to understand and provides a really versatile palette for most people.  Some stylists work on a tonal analysis - this means you might be told you're warm/ deep for example.  This is just as comprehensive and thorough an analysis, but I don't use that method as I find the seasonal approach simpler to teach and understand.

Would you like one to one time with a stylist, or a group experience?

You'll find both group and individual sessions available, and what you pick is entirely based around your own preferences.  I only offer individual sessions unless a client specifically requests a session with friends or family members.  Sometimes exploring colour and style can get quite deep, so I find that the majority of my clients prefer the one to one approach.

“Victoria Lochhead has been an absolute saviour. Victoria was so gentle with me and so enlightening. If Victoria can make me feel and look good, then she really can help anyone” Margaret

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