Personal Stylist Consultations

What do you see when you look in the wardrobe?  Is it a jumble of things you've had for ages, a rack of stuff you just don't wear, or a mess you can't seem to see past?

From time to time, we all get bored or overwhelmed with our wardrobes, but this can impact our feelings of confidence and our important connection to our authentic self.  If you feel unsure about what to wear, or have fallen out of love with what's hanging in the wardrobe, then let's reclaim your mojo!

As a sustainable personal stylist, I've seen inside countless wardrobes, and would love to share some simple tips and ideas with you to help you reclaim your style without buying lots of new clothes, or dressing in a way that doesn't feel like you.

After all, that feeling when we wear something we love is priceless, so let's work together to rediscover what that is for you.  I'm Victoria, and I love nothing more than helping women feel confident, authentic and happy with their clothes and style.  

I work with:

  • Professional women and business owners who want to nail that first impression and come across as authentic and confident in a way that reflects their values.
  • Women who perhaps don't feel the confidence they once did with their style, or have gone through some major life changes and want to reconnect with their identity to create a style that really expresses who they are now.
  • Women who want to make radical changes to how they view their wardrobes, who want to bust open the old habits and start enjoying their clothes more without buying lots of new things.

One of my favourite mantras is from Marie Forleo "Everything is Figureoutable!"

​It's so true, everything is figureoutable, and learning about styles, colours and shapes that suit you is no different.  Nobody takes us aside in school and teaches this stuff, we most often rely on friends, or magazines, or gingerly figuring it out from our own mistakes and triumphs.

​But in a few short sessions, I can show you exactly how to figure it out, to find a style you love that feels like you, to have a wardrobe of joyful choices, and how to do it without spending lots of time at the shops or even buying lots of new clothes.

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