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What is Colour Analysis?

Have you ever walked past someone and noticed that they almost glow?  They look remarkable in beautiful harmonious colours that compliment their skin tone and make their eyes sparkle!  That's the magic of colour analysis at work!

In a colour analysis session, we look at your personal colouring in your skin, hair and eyes, and then which colours will best compliment and balance your natural colours.  You'll get a palette of colours that are perfect for you, a great set of neutrals to build your foundation from, and a colour palette that works beautifully together.

Shopping is easier and quicker as you'll know which colours to avoid and which to go for.  Putting outfits together is easier as you're working from a harmonious palette, and you'll feel more congruent, clearer and more authentic.  Some clients describe the feeling like they've 'come home' when they see their colours for the first time.

Other people notice the change and compliments abound on your new look!

How Colour Analysis Works:

We offer two types of colour analysis; online or in person.  In person is available either in our studio in Newbury or to those within a 30 minute drive of Newbury, Berkshire.  In a session at your home, I would do some of the analysis in advance, and then come to your home to conduct the full analysis and talk you through the results.  We'd also have a look in your wardrobe to see what colours you already have, and how you could use those colours together to wear more of what you already own.  In a session in our studio, I would invite you here for a full colour analysis session and then we would use the clothing in our dress agency as examples of what to look for when out at the shops.

When you book a colour analysis consultation, I will send you a lifestyle quiz so I can get to know more about you.  You'll get a personal colour report afterwards, including a few clothing suggestions as well as a fabric colour swatch.  If you're further than 30 minutes drive away, please contact me first to discuss options.  

You can book a session as an individual or as a small group of between 2 and 4 people.  All sessions in person need to take place during the day so we have maximum natural light for the analysis.  If you're booking as a pair or a group, please contact me first at and I will send a code to get a £25 per person discount off the individual rate.

SPECIAL OFFER:  When you book a colour consultation with me, you'll receive our 12 week online Sustainable Style programme (worth £49) FREE of charge!

About your Colour Analysis Consultation:

Having been a trained colour consultant for the last 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients to bring the magic of their colour palette to what they wear.  I never get tired of seeing how someone lights up in a colour they love that harmonises so well with their natural colouring.  And as a sustainable stylist, I know that creating a colour palette is a brilliant first step in building co-ordinated well-loved wardrobes that stand the test of time.

When I booked my own session 12 years ago, for me this process was quite literally life changing.  I realised why everyone thought I was ill when I wore pale grey, and how I could never quite get away with a bright lipstick.  I instantly fell in love with some of my core soft earthy tones, and even 12 years on I'm discovering and uncovering more and more about my own colour palette.

If you have any questions about booking an in person colour analysis session with me, please contact me at, or do have a read of our blog titled "Thinking of getting your colours done?"

Here's a picture of me before and after colour analysis.  Can you see how much happier and relaxed I look afterwards?

Colour Analysis before and after photographs

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