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The Staycation – how to pack a capsule holiday wardrobe to travel light for a ‘whatever the weather’ holiday

Going on a closer to home holiday this year?  If you're loading up the car and heading off for a staycation, how can you pack the maximum number of outfits with the least possible amount of clothing?   Our blog will help you save space and sanity as we use the principles of a capsule wardrobe to create a versatile holiday packing list that will allow you to take 48 different outfits from just 11 items of clothing.

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Green is the new black - why secondhand clothes are in fashion

There is a welcome trend emerging – more and more people are turning to secondhand clothes as a way to bring new things into their wardrobe. With the rise of online preloved stores, what’s fuelling our new love affair with secondhand fashion?  In this blog, we explore the trend to buy preloved clothing and look at why the move is so good for consumers.

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