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As COP26 comes to an end, it’s encouraging that sustainable fashion has been on the agenda.  Designers and the fashion council have highlighted steps forward to create a more sustainable fashion future, which is wonderful news for us all.

However, I was left wondering how many delegates at the summit took a sustainable approach to what they wore?  How many wore clothes they already owned, or rented something?  How many chose a sustainable brand or bought something preloved?  

I love to see leaders and influencers embracing sustainable principles, to really demonstrate to us all how it’s possible to dress well without damaging the environment.  One person who is already doing this successfully is Rachel Eden.  Rachel is the Mayor of Reading, a local councillor and business owner.  Rachel sets a great example of sustainable style by fully embracing preloved fashion.

Rachel Eden

 Being in the public eye means needing a smart wardrobe for all different kinds of events, and Rachel follows her sustainable principles by shopping second hand whenever possible (often from our dress agency!).

Rachel Eden

It would be great to see examples of more leaders stepping up and following their principles and policies in creating a greener fashion future – but for now all we can say is well done Rachel!

Rachel Eden

Do you know a public figure who embraces sustainable fashion?  Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to see who you’d choose.

(Photos taken from social media feeds with kind permission).

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