Join in the #SeptemberStyleChallenge

Posted by Victoria Lochhead on

Sometimes, we just open the doors of the wardrobe and feel a bit uninspired about what to wear.
A style challenge can be a great way to wear more of what we own and get the creative juices flowing again in creating new outfits.
To celebrate Oxfams #SecondHandSeptemberCampaign we've put together a style challenge for you - a chance to create a fun outfit every day by using these style cues as inspiration. Do share your creations on Facebook or Instagram, or keep selfies on your phone so you can repeat the outfits you love again in future. And if you land on this page and it's not September, then you can still do the challenge anyway for any month! If there's 31days in the month, make day 31 your chance to wear your favourite challenge outfit again. Happy creating!

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