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Our 12 week online programme is designed to help beat the boredom, fight the fuss, and help you to create a beautiful streamlined wardrobe you love.  Sustainability starts with understanding your own style and getting clear on what suits you, and in short bite sized videos, that's just what we do.  

This course is perfect for you if:

You're fed up relying on the advice of well-meaning friends or sales assistants when shopping and you're ready to take control and discover what works for you.

​You'd like to feel more confident, and want to get back your style mojo and feel more creative around your clothes and getting dressed every day 

​You'd love a  more organised wardrobe, to finally say goodbye to those things that you know need to go, but you don't have time to get round to sorting.

You want to stop buying things you never wear, and you're open to the idea of buying less new clothing and instead exploring what can be found from preloved shops and sites.

Together we'll find the gems already in your wardrobe, to get really clear on what you love and why, to happily let go of what doesn’t float your boat and to explore new ways of bringing interesting pieces in to your life.  This isn’t about having more, but it’s about loving more of what you have.  This is about finally saying goodbye the the feeling of having 'nothing to wear' :-)

The Programme

Sustainable Style Studio is a 12 week online programme that you can learn from anywhere, all you need is a computer or tablet.  Each week, I’ll be emailing you a video from the studio.  Videos are short and sweet, because I know your time is precious, but every video will be a tip or idea that you can action straight away.   I’ll also be setting a challenge each week to help you bust out of your current outfit habits and find new things to wear from your existing wardrobe.  This means you can follow along in your own time from home and you get time to implement the learning and explore how it applies to you.

​Course Overview:

Week 1:  Setting up your wardrobe

Week 2:  What's your style?

Week 3:  Identifying your shape

Week 4:  Colour

Week 5:  Focal points

Week 6:  Creating outfits with ease

Week 7:  Proportions

Week 8:  Finding the right scale

Week 9:  Clusters and planning

Week 10:  Shopping for treasure

Week 11:  Clothes care

Week 12:  Find what feels good 

You get the chance to ask questions throughout the programme.  We start with an initial questionnaire, as well as two opportunities for one to one video calls with me which means I get to know you and can help with answering any specific questions you have.

​Get started now!  When you purchase you'll be sent a get to know you questionnaire, and class will start on the following Saturday and run for 12 weeks.

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