This shows the cover of the book In the Jumble by Victoria Lochhead.  The book is about the joys of finding, buying and wearing secondhand clothes

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In the Jumble is a book about the joys of finding, buying and wearing second hand clothes.  If you’ve never even considered shopping second hand before, this book is a perfect first step on that delightful journey.

This book will:

•Show you how to shop second hand, where to go, what to look for and what to avoid.

•Give you tips on how you can regain control of your wardrobe, understand your style and organize your clothes.

•Give you some very simple rules to follow when you’re out shopping so that you find things that suit you and work with things you have at home.

In the Jumble shares with you Victoria’s experiences and top tips on how to shop second hand, what to look for, where to go, how to sort your wardrobe, and most importantly, how to reconnect with the colours, styles and shapes that will bring your wardrobe together and reflect the very best of the fabulous you.   Packed with tips, ideas and stories, it will have you itching to get out and explore your local charity shop for some treasures!

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